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Resources for Participants: BCE Conference

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Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation today! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of any help from here. If you are looking for an idea, an app, or I’ve missed something in these resources, just flick me an email –

Key ideas
There are no ‘best apps’ – teaching and tools should support strong lesson design towards learning objectives
Pedagogical approaches to technology integration are based on a variety of best practices
Work-flow – apps and other materials can be used in combination and through a structured and/or organic creative process

Download and share my free books, ‘iPad Art’ and ‘More iPad Art’, the best place to start because it will take you through lesson ideas and apps to support teaching and learning…

More iPad Art

Apps and Ideas

Today across the two workshops we explored…
MegaPhoto (Orange Camera is a good alternative without the ‘fun selfie’ cut outs)
Let’s Create Pottery HD
iMotion HD

I also suggested trying out…
iMotion – create simple stop motion movies on iPad
Moldiv – for collages that keep a good resolution and older students
Pic Collage – see the post below to explore the potential here
iMovie – stitch together images and video from your camera roll
Amaziograph and iOrnament for tesselations
Art Set – my pick for the most exciting and flexible drawing/painting app (but there are lots of others to explore)
Kaleido Camera just the kaleidoscope filter
Mirrored – create symmetry/reflection
Elmers Patchwork
Stop Motion Studio – for older, more advanced, stop motion techniques
DoInk Green Screen

Key posts:

See more of the creative potential of collage apps for storytelling, planning, teacher resources etc.

WordFoto and TypeDrawing in art-making

Stop Motion Movies Made Easy

Loading Up the Learning

REALLY using the camera and photo library for learning

Salad Selfies

Picasso Portraits

Elmer’s Photo Patchwork

Active Photography

Bringing Art To Life with Funny Movie Maker and ChatterPix

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