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Resources for Participants Apple Distinguished Educator Institute 2017

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Article: Divergent Thinking in the Creative Classroom on Cue Blog

Article: Multi-media Worksgflows on Mindshift

Key Resource: 10 Lessons The Arts Teach

Lesson Ideas

If you were interested in some of the lesson ideas more specifically, and would like detail, I’ve linked to some of the most useful posts from my blog below. Do go exploring throughout the website, because there is a lot more to explore.

Stop Motion


Terrific Tracing

Drawing on iPad


Making Emoji and Mayhem

Mixed Media Mash-Up

Digital drawing in Layers

Laser Etching Meets the Printing Press

Salad Selfies and Collage Creation


Picasso Portrait Pieces

Apps List

iMotion (free) – stop motion
MegaPhoto (free) – fun filters
Orange Camera (free) – a good alternative to MegaPhoto without all the ‘fun’ filters
Kaleidoscope Camera (free)
ChatterPix Kids – Animate objects with a simple stroke, suitable for very young children
Pic Collage Kids (free) – put images and words together
Pictoboldo – salad selfies!
WordFoto – combine words and images
Elmer’s Photo – elephant introduces you to some simple camera skills with ‘space fills’
Book Creator – combine text, images and sounds into books
iMovie – put images and clips together in simple movies
Quik (free) – create one touch image and clip video compilations
Foldify – create 2D nets and print to form 3D creations!/id527118971?mt=8
Let’s Create Pottery HD (free) – digital pottery!-pottery-hd-lite/id397756644?mt=8
TypeDrawing – draw with words
iste sketchnote karen

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