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Google Earth Inspired Landscapes

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This term, we’ve been using Google Earth as part of the visual resources for a unit that challenges students to consider the concept of ‘landscape’. Exploring a variety of ways of seeing and connecting with place and space, using Google Earth as a way to;

Engage with a variety of viewing angles from life and compare approaches and perspectives in artist’s practices.

Examine the effect of distance, size and scale, on image construction and composition.

Reveal large scale texture and surface qualities, beginning discussions about how these came to be and how these same qualities could be used in artwork.

Google earth art ipad

These pieces were created spontaneously, using ink in response to colour in desert and costal environments in Queensland, Australia. The students’ iPhone cameras was used as a tool to zoom in and out of compositions, cropping into to create exciting new compositions.



Using inks and watercolour, students have explored a variety of compositions in their own way, using Google Earth as a viewing tool and starting point. Moving in and out of familiar and foreign landscapes, they have discovered complex painterly surfaces, lines etched in silt and salt, rhythm produced by reefs, etc.

Google earth art

Further Ideas and Resources




Explore these breathtaking patterns found on Earth’s surface.



The world from above – as seen by Google Earth: Artist captures series of hypnotic images from across the globe

Aerial wallpaper from satellite images

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