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Podcast: Interview on ‘The Wired Educator’

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screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-6-30-02-pm“In this episode, Kelly interviews teacher, author, and international speaker and creative educational design specialist, Cathy Hunt.

Cathy is the author of bestselling iPad Art: Lessons, apps and ideas for the iPad in Visual Art and More iPad Art as featured on iBookstore.

Cathy is a well-known advocate for the creative integration of technology in education, developing ground-breaking programs for students around the world that combine hands-on, tactile and collaborative ways of working with mobile devices.

As an award-winning educational consultant, presenter, author and experienced Visual Art teacher at The St Hilda’s School on Australia’s the Gold Coast, she has worked with thousands of teachers globally to connect creative technology and cutting-edge pedagogical approaches with diverse learners.”

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