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ISTE Stop Motion Madness in Denver!

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My ‘Easy-Peasie Stop-Motion’ workshop is my favourite.

While I do love bringing new ideas and content to the big events like ISTE, this is the second year I’ve toured this format across the globe…because it rocks.

So often, participants at edtech conferences spend a lot of time watching to learn, but not in this workshop! The challenge here in Denver this year was that this session was for 160 people, and the seating was in rows. Proving the flexibility of this medium for messy making and active learning, we had a fantastic time getting hands-on, laughing like crazy as we explored some super (and serious) pedagogical approaches.

Thank you so much for the ever-overwhelmingly positive feedback on this session – I love it as much as you did (as always), Denver!

Find out more about what we got up to by reading Noah Geisel’s wonderful review on Medium. Thank you, Noah!

“Attendees in short order went from being enamored with the technology tool for its own sake to practicing how to implement the tool in order to impact teaching and learning by creating a conceptual demonstration of understanding. Powerful stuff that Cathy summed up way better than I ever could:

We so often talk about risk-taking but don’t set the expectations around the learning. I tricked you into coming here to learn about stop motion moviemaking but it was more about this: How do you create a creative environment that goes beyond the screen?

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