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Pick up that iPad and start creating!

We can create an exciting, hands-on professional development for your organisation that will explore the creative potential of using iPads to enhance teaching and learning across subject areas.  We can help you to use your technology to develop innovation, divergent thinking and engagement by promoting student creativity.

The iPad is a device for creating!

A huge range of resources are available to support transformational learning, but how how do we find the best apps and activities for our diverse students? And, how do we support our staff to adopt this exciting, but often challenging, technology?

We can help!

  • Ideas, skills and positive attitudes for teachers and students

    Understanding workflows to unlock the potential of the iPad in education

    Integrating iPads into existing classroom technologies – instructional design and pedagogies for success

    Exploring popular and effective apps for teaching and learning

    Using a practical framework for technology integration – SAMR and TPACK

    Strategies for improving teaching and learning using iPads

  • Strategies for improving teaching and learning using iPads

    Designing purposeful and challenging projects for your students in your learning context using iPads as a creative tool

    Fostering higher order thinking, providing opportunities for ‘creating’ using Bloom’s Taxonomy

    Strategies to improve engagement and practical classroom management for mobile devices

    Developing student ICT capabilities in line with ACARA – a focus on creating, investigating and communicating with ICT

  • Find out how to produce creative content on the iPad

    See how photography and film making can be used across all subject areas for transformational learning

    Create iBooks in your classroom

    Explore new ways to share information, create multi-modal presentations and exciting digital content on the iPad

    Learn how to take the next step with the iPad by developing creative workflows for your learning goals

photo-218Cathy’s dynamic and interactive workshops are based on direct practical experience from her own classroom and experience as a consultant for a variety of diverse educational contexts.

And, no matter what your focus, your students or staff will be inspired by Cathy’s passion and creativity as a teacher and the potential of the iPad as a creative classroom tool. We can design a PD for you.
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