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The iPad is a powerful device for creativity!

Yes, you can draw and paint digitally, but this is just the very beginning!  We can show you how to incorporate workflows and multi-media tasks into your instructional design to allow students to create in ways you never imagined!

Find out how to incorporate traditional media with new technology for exciting new opportunities for teaching and learning in the Arts.

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“Cathy Hunt prepares teachers to bring their hands-on, traditional art classrooms into a modern context with big ideas and simple steps.” 


  • We run hands-on courses for creative teachers
  • We create exciting workshops for students
  • We create ‘Pop-Up-Padding’ spaces for children
  • We  work with artists and art-makers
  • We will work with you to create an iPad Art Room event to suit your needs…and exceed your expectations!

The iPad is a creative tool like no other. But how do you find the ideas and information you need for teaching and learning in your Visual Arts courses or the knowledge to make art with mobile devices? In an engaging and fun hands-on presentation, Cathy will mix your favourite techniques with new technology and show you what the iPad can do!

Learn how to use apps and workflows to enhance student engagement and make art with tools to teach creative processes, divergent thinking and visual literacy in exciting ways. Explore the potential of iPhoneography, film making and process journaling using iPads. If you’re a teacher you’ll be shown the hallmarks of effective pedagogy with mobile devices and simple strategies for making the most of the studio – a place where the ‘paint and pixels’ can work happily side by side.

The best part is that you’ll learn from a quality educator – Cathy is an Apple Distinguished Educator, using iPads in a 1:1 secondary classroom and consulting across the world. Her lessons and instructional design models are practical, tried and tested. Courses include all the take home resources, extensive apps lists and ready-to-go activities you need to get started!
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